Two minds is better'n one - especially when they both thinks alike

Jim Bob Jumpback

H&FM technical stuff editor

H&FM technical stuff editor

Where Jim Bob was raised up at is a mystery. With a name like Jim Bob, you can bet your last dip of Skoal it wasn’t in a Blue state.

Jim Bob is the H&FM all round roustabout. From plumbing to car fixing, Jim Bob is Mr. Go To.

He’ll tell you straight up that he’s no expert because he ain’t got a briefcase and he don’t wander more than 50 miles away from home.

HOmer asked him one time where he got so good at fixin and figgerin out stuff. Jim Bob allowed as how he learned from a guy named Turkey somewhere around Manchester or Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Evidence: This is Jim Bob loading up some plumbing supplies to fix Hank and Sophie Jeanne’s indoor plumbing.

'nuff said about expert resource management

’nuff said about expert resource management